MeetUS - A visitor from San Diego

A visitor from San Diego

I thought it was great that Mary came to us because we got a taste of what it’s like in the US. She told us about her life and what she does. Mary prepared a presentation in which she also showed us beautiful pictures of San Diego, California and other places. We could ask her questions that interested us and she was able to answer them very well and in detail. Mary even sang a song with us. It was awesome to get to know a real American!
– Maja

Mary told us a lot about the US states, customs, and traditions. She spoke quite quickly but in general I was able understand what she said. What interested me the most was the American school system. It is so different from the German school system.
– Abdulkerim

Meeting Mary was an exciting experience. She showed us some pictures of America and told us how it is to live there. She also talked about the different states in America and how she likes them. I think it would be a good idea if she also goes to other 8th graders because you can learn new things about America and have the chance to ask a true American lots of questions.
– Janice

Mary from San Diego showed us pictures from where she lived in the US. We described the landscape together and she told us about her school life. She also talked about other states in the USA and knew so many facts about them. It was very interesting!!! I would recommend it for the other 8th graders because you can learn new things about USA and I think that it is good to hear a person talking about the USA who actually lived there.
– Leona

Mary spoke English very clearly but a bit fast. When I asked her to repeat something, she slowed down. For me, it was captivating to listen to her telling us about her life and experiences in different states in the US. We talked about American stereotypes and differences between Germany and the US. She did a great job convincing me and other students to go and visit America one day.
– Anaïs