English through the Arts am E-Day 2019

Creative Learning

On 4th June 2019 there was an event called E-Day at Gabriele-von-Bülow-Gymnasium. On E-Day multiple English-speaking people from different kinds of jobs came to the school to teach the students different activities like acting or singing.

The point of E-Day was to learn English in a different way, which was learning through activity rather than learning through a book or a worksheet. The event was around three hours long and each class of Year 8 and 9 took part in two or three different courses. The courses were focused on learning by doing, so it was definitely a fun experience and it actually was very different from a normal lesson because there were no teachers but just normal people that took it on themselves to teach their profession or something they enjoy doing.

It was a very interesting event, especially from a student’s perspective, because the work atmosphere was very different, which you could feel throughout the whole day.