Digitaler Wanderbus vom Goetheinstitut

Ulla Schmidt (former Health Minister and member of the German Parliament) talks with GvB students at a Zoom Conference The transatlantic exchange was initiated by the Goethe-Institut. On November 4th students from our school participated in the first transatlantic Wanderbus Zoom Conference with students from American and German schools , 2 moderators and our former Health Minister Ulla Schmidt as a special guest. As she told us during the conference, she wanted to be a part of this, because she once was a teacher herself. All participating students were able to ask Ulla Schmidt questions concerning her work as a politician, but also about the US elections, which had just happened the night before. A few students from our Politics Advanced Course at GvB were able to ask the questions they had prepared. A question that we specifically remember is how it would affect the Europe-USA relationship if Trump/Biden was elected. Ulla Schmidt answered very politely, but she implied that Biden would be best for the democracy and for Europe. She even made a few points that we were able to use in our politics test we had the next day. Another question was if there possibly might be a vaccine against Corona in Germany for the next year. Ulla Schmidt said that there would probably be one. They are already planning vaccination centres. We can say without a doubt that this was extremely informative. It was interesting to listen live to a successful politician answer OUR questions, we especially liked the fact that for once, a woman was the star of the show.

written by Beverly and Antonia 10b